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The Technological Breakthrough of Transparent LED Display LED Garage Light

The LED garage light design of LED display can greatly reduce the visual block from structural component and improve LED Lightstransparent effect to the largest extent. At the same it boosts unique displaying effect. Viewing from an ideal distance, audiences can see the images like they are floating on a glass wall.

Besides, for the design of LED display advertisement content, unnecessary background color can be replaced with black to only show and highlight the things need to be expressed. Since the black background LED lamp s does not give light while playing, the effect is like totally transparent. This method can greatly reduce light pollution and energy consumption. The transparent LED display can save 30% more energy than normal LED display.

The technological breakthrough can not only guarantee the lighting and view angle coverage in places like between buildings, glass fa?ade and windows. Moreover, LED Lighting has good heat dissipation and anti-aging performance. LED garage light is easy to install and maintenance. The limit of LED display application on glass has been completely changed.


Source: http://www.elitesemicon.com/newsone.asp?t1=1012