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The Competitive Advantages and Strategies of LED Area Light Listed Company


Currently, the competitive advantages of led area light company are mainly about: 1. The accumulation of technology and advantage on research and development; 2. The advantage of quality and performance of LED Lights ; 3. The advantage of strong integration ability of vertical supply chain and cost control; 4. The advantage of accumulation and development of major clients.

The company will continue to integrate the advantageous resources of LED lights modular and retrofit kit. Forming coordinated effect of value chain by providing R&D and manufacturing support for LED Lighting development, the company will promote the optimization of business structures in the company.

In line with the development strategy of the “third product upgrading”, the company will still focus on LED lighting. By strengthening the existing deep cooperation with major clients and exploring targeted large client in the global market, the company will achieve the fast growth of LED lamp s products.

Combining the development strategy and goal, the company will increase investment on new factory and adding automatic equipment in 2006 to realize rapid growth of LED light fixtures sales volume.



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