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The LED High Bay Products Exporting to Japanese Market

When Japan is targeted as the focus market, the company has made complete rules and regulations according to the led high bay product requirements and sales traditions from Japanese clients.

In the process of production, the company will inspect all LED Lightsaccessories which are provided by accessories manufacturers. Pre-production meeting will be held after accessory inspection. The product scheduling can only be started when all inspections are finished.

The company promises the clients that they will take all responsibility for defective products. Every LED Lighting product will have one extra sample produced which is in accordance with ordering information and will be kept in the sample reservation room. No matter how many orders the clients make, the products will be made according to the lamp sample to make sure the products in each order are the same.

There are many good sales traditions in Japanese market. Except for high requirements on light fixture product specification and quality, long term transactions are emphasized as well as the establishment of mutual trust and friendship. 


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