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High Price is the Label for Quality LED Area Light

The led area light promotion activities are held in terminal market. Putting the themes of activities aside, they are actually to make customers feel they “gain”. The themes of activities are simply creating a reason for the promotion.

The LED Lights prices are cognitive means for product launching. After the product has gained brand awareness, the price can then be competition tool.

The launching of new products shall be supported with wide broadcasting. However, there are not many new products that can enjoy the support, and most new products come into the market with few acknowledgement. If the customers lack the product experience, how can they judge the new LED Lighting products? It should be acknowledged that it’s hard for customers to make the purchasing decision if they cannot make a judge on the product.

The old Chinese saying goes “what price, what goods”, rather than “what goods, what price”. For people with no consumption experience of the product, price is the label for the quality of lamp s, not the other way around. 


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