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The Price of LED High Bay Is Proportional to Marketing Capability

Some led high bay lighting products have strategic low price basing on the strategic costs, besides that, we can find a general phenomenon: the prices for LED Lights is in proportion to the marketing capability of enterprises. But certainly we are hard to tell whether the enterprises loss marketing capability due to low price or the low marketing capability resulted in low price.

In most cases, there is causal relationship between price and marketing capability. Low price is resulted from low marketing capability, and sincelamp s are of low price, the low marketing capability is showed due to lack of finance support.

Although some LED Lighting enterprises set their prices low, they make huge promotions in the initial stage. It may have a rapid effect at the early stage and may succeed.

But the market requires sustained investment, so it’s hard to go on without long term policy support. May people are lured by low price marketing. But the general phenomenon is in LED lighting market is: low price can only appear for a while, high price can remain steady.http://www.elitesemicon.com/newsone.asp?t1=983

Source: http://www.elitesemicon.com/newsone.asp?t1=983