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The Balance between LED Garage Light Price and Marketing Fee

The price recognition does not come from the LED garage light price itself, but rather from the marketing campaign which can prove the value of the light. While marketing promotion needs the support of marketing policies which can’t just come from anywhere.

For some people, they think good marketing policies in big LED Lightingcompanies come from rich corporate resources, which is not true. The political investment in the beginning is a pre-pay of resource. It is not free but rather to be paid through preserved price space and future sales volume.

The right pricing is: set slightly higher price when launching new LED Lights products for pre-paid profit space to hold promotion activities, and support the customer recognition for the price through marketing activities. The so called marketing is rough about promoting the price oflamp s.

Of course, we cannot hereby get the conclusion that the higher LED garage light prices the better. We need to make good balance between the prices and marketing expenses. Since the higher the prices are, the more you need to do to guarantee price recognition. 


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