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Low Price or High Price for LED High Bay


The low or high led high bay price is not a simple question of price setting for LED Lights ; it’s rather the core question of marketing. The price and the marketing activities held around the price together compose the marketing system. Low price or high price is actually the difference between promotion and marketing.

The low price selling decides the core element of marketing can only be price, since low price cannot support other elements. High price products have multiple marketing activities, complete service system and more added values, which are decided by the policy space generated by LED Lightingprices.

It’s normal in the market that high price defeats low price, and rarely you can see vice versa. Of course, there is exception in the strategic price battle of industrial integration. Any lamp s products need relative marketing activities to prove the rationality of a price to gain recognition (whether the product if worth the price). But this is just the misunderstood area for many people. In normal people’s understanding: only high price products need marketing activities to support, while low price doesn’t because the low price proves for itself. 


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