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Is the LED High Bay Rising Curve Slowing Down?


The reason behind the lost direction in led high bay technology: slowing down rising curve?

It’s impossible for any technological development to stick on the same 45 degree curve; in fact the rising trend will slow down gradually. The technological development of LED Lighting rely on epitaxial structure, chip structure and encapsulation design. The improving space for overall performance of LED Lights product will get smaller and smaller (there will be certain but small range improvement). And the effects from encapsulation material will become smaller and smaller.

The encapsulation manufacturers ask for cutting price from raw material factories which produce chip, holder and phosphor powder. Chips factory are striving to add equipment and enlarge capacity to reduce the high average cost on equipment. The competition in florescent manufacturers is fiercer. Some enterprises can give out yellow phosphor powder for free (together with red powder purchasing), while the yellow powder was 20 yuan per gram. The relatively stable curve is making lamp s enterprises hesitating. 


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