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Lost in the Direction of LED Flood Light Technology

One of the reasons for lost direction in LED flood light : more emphasize on production than innovation.

Most of the enterprises are operating well. The chips manufacturers are raising their prices. The chips products are sold out often and chips factories are running 24 hours a day. But when you ask what kind of LEDlamp s you are making and what’s the plan is for next year. Most of the responses are no plans yet for next year or probably to continue with the current LED Lights . The problem here is, the encapsulation enterprises are not sure or even lost in the technology direction.

Most LED encapsulation factories are equipped with only engineering department but no R&D department. The engineers are responsible only for the improvement and adjustment of products, and they have no time to consider the material, structure or changes in other market. The product line for LED light fixture manufacturers is copying these in large enterprises. They tend to follow the mainstream. It may be a good method in the initial development stage for LED Lighting , and you can follow other’s strategy when being unclear about the technology direction. 


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