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Thunder Lamp LED High Bay Can Cure Vegetables

Under the rows of led high bay , the watermelons are growing well to the size of almost a fist already. According to the staff, “LED Lights can adjust the flowering and fruiting time of plants. At the same time, the usage of pesticide is reduced since most insects are afraid of LED Lighting . Moreover, it’s easier for plants to absorb carbon dioxygen in the air without using chemical fertilizer.”

It is a highlight in the exhibition center to use “Thunder” LED lighting to cure vegetables. The green house area at the spot is distributed with electric wires which can stimulate natural phenomenon such as thunder and lighting. The concept of physical agriculture is to improve quality and production yield of farm products and reduce the time of growing period by creating a pollution free environment for agriculture products.

The physical agriculture is certainly a future trend. And this is the first domestic exhibition on physical agriculture. The agriculture products can stay away from pesticide by simply turn on LED light fixture without chemical fertilizer; and by opening the electric field equipment in the greenhouse area, the smart “Thunder” can fertilize and remove haze in a natural way…


Source: http://www.elitesemicon.com/newsone.asp?t1=972