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Did You Know? LED Area Light and LED Grow Light?

led area light and LED grow light own the spotlight of this home appliance exhibition. You would think that many green plants are hanging in the exhibition hall at first sight which makes the hall green and warm. When you take a closer look, you will find out the green plants are actually lamp s! Those plants like LED Lights are surrounded by large group of audiences with questions like, are those plants real? Do the plants need watering? How long can the plants live? The person in charge explains: the plants are alive and easy-to-handle plants, and they only need watering once or twice in a month.

A row of lush ferns is hanging in the air with light source hiding underneath. You can only see green but no lamps from afar. 

If LED grow light is the Mori girl style in home LED Lighting  field, then the light fixtures made by pure material like hemp rope, stock and vine all belong to this style. Some type of decoration lamps are all in this style. A stick of branch, a segment of stock and even a hemp rope can be a floor lamp or droplight.


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