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The Installation Summary of LED Area Light

(1) The suspended led area light hangs on the roof. It can be divided into three types according to the different materials of wire, chain and pipe. This type of light fixture is closer to the working area and is often used for general LED Lighting in a building.

(2) The ceiling light fixture is mounted on the wall. Ceiling light normally can’t be used as main LED Lights . It is supporting light with decoration effect. In order to avoid dazzling due to low installation height, small power light source are often applied.

(3) Chandelier light fixtures are formed by many lamp s. They are mostly hanging or ceiling mounted for decoration lighting. Small sized chandelier can also be used in hotels or meeting halls.

(4) Wall-mounted light fixtures are partly or wholly built-in or in the surface with only the lighting side out. This type of lamps is often used as night lamp in hallway or stairs to avoid affecting rest of others.


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