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The Internet + for Unmanned Vehicle and LED High Bay

The president from China Tesla and president of unmanned driving department in Baidu have made speech at the China New Energy Vehicle Conference (Sichuan). The internet people say rather than placing a sofa on four wheels, the new energy car is a computer on four wheels. The cars in the future are heading to the direction of intelligence, entertainment and unmanned and the big data will be the driver rather than man.

No wonder Apple has invested one billion USD on unmanned driving, so where is the future for man drivers?

The smart direction of E-lite Semiconductor is certainly leading the right way. Can we call it in the fashion way of “Internet Lighting”?

If everything will be connected in the future, then there’s no exception for lighting. The trend for outdoor Smart led high bay , street light and smart lamp s is inevitable. With the popularity of indoor LED Lightingsmart control, smart home bulbs will also come along. Samsung has been actively developing related smart LED Lights and it has showed off the total smart lighting solution in the exhibition. 


Source: http://www.elitesemicon.com/newsone.asp?t1=967