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Guarantee Children’s Safety in the Application of LED Flood Light

Children are like vulnerable flowers of our country. They have innocent yet vulnerable faces. The application of ultraviolet LED Lights is to disinfect the classroom and create a safer and cleaner studying environment, but how does it turn out to be a health killer? The warning behind LED lamp s is worthy of our attention.

Ultraviolet lights are known as disinfection tools in specialized areas such as medical, drinking water and food area. It has entered all kinds of public places and even homes since the breakout of SARS. Some LED flood light s are similar in appearance with some incandescent lamps. For convenience, some schools have installed incandescent lights and ultraviolet lights together. Since there are not vivid warning signs onLED Lighting products and sellers often forget to mention the harm of ultraviolet lights, there have always been injury cases caused by ultraviolet lights. In this case, the school has certainly not done enough safety education in the installation and awareness of LED lights and ultraviolet lights. 


Source: http://www.elitesemicon.com