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What is LED Area Light Industrial Big Data?

The production process of led area light includes a large amount of LED Lights resources and experienced knowledge management which need to be digitalized and modeling. The model means data. Only by collecting large number of modeling data can LED Lighting industrial big data be formed.

For engineering BOM, the virtual design in many fields has been solved. In the past, the product design, product simulation, process design, process simulation, equipment design and assembly design are all completed on the computer. The changing of modeling for problem can last from several minutes to several hours. The practical process of LED lighting smart manufacturing requires us to transfer the trial-and-error centered industrial system to digitalized, networking and smart centered industrial system.

During the development period of 16 years, the most difficult part was the technic process. It is not the traditional manual process but rather process based on three dimensional modeling processes, in other words the process of big data. Many product design of lamp s are in hand drawings, can these be turned into data? Sadly, these are not big data. 


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