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What Type of LED Area Light is Suitable for Farms?

Dimmers on LED Lights may need to turn a big circle to turn down the led area light a little bit. The dimmer manufacturers are catching up on the technology, but there are still many types of old fashioned dimmers on sell in the market. The dimmers shall all be upgraded in order to precisely control the brightness of LED Lighting .

It may only need an upgrade chip for some dimmers to work in a more precise way, but other dimmers are too old. New types of dimming products are needed to fit the more advanced LED technologies.

LED bulbs with appropriate color temperature are the right choice. Color temperature is symbolized in the kelvin temperature (K). The warm color is similar to the light of incandescent or high pressure sodium lamp with orange and red light which ranges from 2700 K to 3000 K.

The color temperature of the most widely used LED light in broiler chicken farms is 5000 K. While the color temperature for breeding hens is 2700 K. Again, not all LED lamps are suitable for breeding and feeding. A home all direction LED lamp with good quality is not the right choice for chicken farms. 


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