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Can LED Area Light Designing Be Too Theoretical?

Designers may lose their style in the current led area light industry. For basic living, plus overloaded work and interference from outside, it is common for designers to just follow the trend and copy others in LED Lighting design. What’s really sad is, the designers not only lose their mind in doing this, but also lose the professionalism and attitude which will lead them to degradation to some extent, let alone hoping some of them to sit down and seriously think about the national and ecology issues connected with designing.

While front-line LED Lights designers are draining up energy and ideas, many good LED designing scholars (college teachers, researchers) are enjoying good life with advanced research technology and comfortable working environment. The latter has the most advanced and most ideal design concepts and the constantly improving artistic attainments. However the fact is they are generally separated from practice. Therefore, they are not able to fully contribute to the construction tide. 


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