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The Situation for Domestic LED High Bay Designers

It seems LED Lighting designers only need to design led high bay and get high pay. But actually, designers also have their pains and difficulties. Currently, the pains and difficulties faced by domestic designers are as follows:

With the deepening of reform and opening up market economy, China’s GDP has grown consistently in a high speed in the past 20 years. As a result the domestic architecture and decoration industries are developing by leaps and bounds. The fast growing of construction industry in various regions has given birth to numerous new construction projects, which has turned China into a hot and vast construction site. LED Lights designers in construction industry are facing large opportunity and at the same time under bigger pressure from workload increase.

The accumulation of designing business may keep most designers too busy to have new ideas. The lacking of new ideas can dampen the depth and width of professional architecture research. Now the similar and imitated projects can be seen everywhere in China. No wonder foreign designers would say that “Chinese designers have lost style in the industrial spring”! 


Source: http://www.elitesemicon.com