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The Supply & Demand of LED Area Light in LED lights Industry

After years of development, the current led area light industry has become stable and mature. The increasingly outstanding contradiction of product homogeneity has pushed the LED area light products into falling path. Plus, the pressure of competition brought by the enterprises flooded in in recent years, it’s even harder for the LED Lighting enterprises to maintain relatively high revenue. Reform will be intensified in our new round of economic framework and the focus in this round of reform is on supply side.

One fact we need to be clear is, although excess capacity exists in many industries represented by steel, cement, coal and electricity, the supply and demand of the excess is not equal. The truth is: “high end, refined and advanced” products such as LED Lights that can meet the market demand are in short supply rather than in excess. The adjustment of economic structure shall head to the direction of optimization and upgrade from the de-capacity stage to capacity optimization new stage. 


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