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The Other Effects of ESD on LED High Bay

Under what circumstances random electric components would be damaged by ESD? It can be said that the components of an led high bay is always under threaten from production to the end until it’s broken. The generation of ESD is also random. The generation and discharge of static electricity all happen in a sudden, so it’s hard to predict and protect.

Complicated ESD can be divided into different parts. Since components such as LED of LED Lights are delicate, it’s time consuming and costly to scan it with electron microscope. Some ESD damages are hard to be distinguished from damages caused by other reasons. People often mistakes ESD damage failure as other failures. Before ESD damage is fully acknowledged, the true reason for failure is often covered by other LED Lighting failures unclear.

Serious ESD problems may seemingly only affect lamp s users, but it actually also affect manufacturers in many aspects, for example: maintenance fee, refunding and company reputation. 


Source: http://www.elitesemicon.com