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How to Send Quotation for LED High Bay Materials

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With the development of global purchasing business, LED Lighting companies are demanding more and more professionals and talents. They need to further make training plans to accelerate the talent reserve cultivation.

The suppliers give offers according to the quotations from LED Lightscompanies. The quotation has listed all the materials and specifications of demand for led high bay . They are very transparent and clear with production cost, management cost and potential revenue for suppliers added. The purchasing material accounts for 65 to 75% of the total cost.

The purchasing group will evaluate the material price according to market prices. At the same time, the company will give suppliers the estimated volume of order in a year so that the factory can prepare estimated volume of material in advance, and the company can get better prices in this way with large material purchasing volume. http://www.elitesemicon.com/newsone.asp?t1=932

Source: http://www.elitesemicon.com/newsone.asp?t1=932