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Stripped LED High Bay Lighting Industry

Now the led high bay industrial cluster has begun to take shape in many places. The trend of lighting industry transferring from Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and Guzhen Town to inland has become more obvious. The layout and development of several big market such as Southwest International Light City and Wanzhou Market has made clear definitions that Chong Qing is now sharing the big LED Lights cake of lighting industry relocation.

This year, in the analysis of future development trend of lighting industry, the specialists brought up the issue of stripped LED Lightingindustry development. According to them, it’s not practical to replace the Guzhen Town, even though many lighting and lamp s manufacturing modules will be rising nationally. As for the market in Chong Qing, the light fixture manufacturing industry may bring new development opportunities to ChongQing, which can makes it a large base for western and central European markets.

Drifting in the changing market, the super dealers in Chong Qing that once owned several stores with 4 to 5 thousand square meters area are now worrying too.


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