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Which LED Lighting Astrological Audi Is for You?


What’s on your mind when you hear about astrological signs? What if each type of Audi car belongs to a zodiac sign and there is a LED light that matches?

Both being simple and direct, the shape of Audi A6 LED Lights and that of the Aries sign are quite identical. The LED garage light can be seen as the eye of cars. It can tell from the led lamps of Audi A6 that it is absolutely a straight-forward boy. The head lamp of Audi A6 is in the shape of an eagle eye. It looks pure and sharp, just like the eye of an Aries sign people.

The type which matches the characters of Scorpio has to be Audi A8. This is not just because of the matrix LED Lighting head lamps that look like a pair of sharp eyes but also due to the interior space and strong information and recreation system inside the car.

The Audi A7 with a fastback design can satisfy the ultimate pursue of Taurus. It is carrying an interconnection technology and a series of safe driving system, which makes the car highly comfortable, controllable and safe. “To know someone through their zodiac signs” has become a common social phenomenon, and it may also work for Audi automobiles. Now you must have a brand new knowledge of LED lamps in Audi automobiles.



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Are LED High Bay Enterprises High Tech?


A few years ago, the Guangdong NPC member proposed that the government subsidy shall be used to support the research and development rather than the promotion of LED Lights products in led high bay enterprises. “Leave the promotion to the market and the market will make a choice. It always will.” The NPC member said.

For some LED high bay enterprises, they shall change their own attitude. No matter how important government subsidy can be, the core of corporate development lies on the product. The LED Lighting industry itself is a new and high-tech industry. Since it started late in our country, there is basically no technology accumulation. If the enterprises only stimulate the industry with expansion and promotion rather than making continuous improvement to the essence technology, then the enterprise will be as vulnerable as flowers growing up in a green house. Therefore, for industries with technologies such as led lamps, the only way to conquer difficulties in LED lights industry is to march forward gradually in the aspects of product technology and application innovation.

The growing emphasis on environment and energy-saving can greatly promote the whole industry. This is a good era for LED. As long as the company can really work on product on a firm footing, it can certainly enjoy a sound development.





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Is Government Support Good for LED High Bay Companies?


In the report of National Audit Office in 2014, several led high baycompanies had swindled government subsidies for more than ten million yuan by faking application material. Some industry insiders say “the government subsidy can at least feed the company for 3 years”. This means the huge attractiveness government subsidies have on LED Lightscompanies. It will lead to too much dependence on government subsidy and a neglect of the core for a company – products. If companies place too much value on government subsidy, it will lead to chaotic competition of ledlamps products. The image of LED Lighting industry which is high tech and high class will be damaged and the market environment will also be affected.

It is understood that the current domestic LED lighting industry is not mature enough in the levels of pricing system, product specification, technical, industrial standard, and government policy. What’s more, the core technology of LED high bay comes from abroad. Once the core technology is blocked, it will be a catastrophe for the domestic industry. In this case, the kind and generous financial subsidy will eventually lead to excessive capacity and hamper the development of technology.



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Is the LED Area Light in Your Office Comforting to the Eye?

A colleague in New York office started a vote through company chatting software in choosing bright or gentle light. Different people have different points of view. However no final results have been made with so many people discussing and voting. So how can the debate over light be so intense?

There is no doubt that light can stimulate human body and generate obvious physical reaction. Physical doctor Baba Pendse focuses on the effect of led lamps on human psychological health. He believes the LED Lighting can adjust the biological cycle and thus affect sleep, sensitiveness and body function. In contrast, strong light especially at night can help people to stay awake. So according to Rea, people’s desire for the light is out of the desire to grasp information. The clearer and brighter the environment is, the more information you can get. “Under bright led area light we can read leisurely or easily see what the children are doing.”

Under the same LED Lights, it doesn’t necessarily mean people will gain the same emotion since everybody reacts differently to light just like how they reacts to food. So you can barely find a specific lamp that can satisfy everyone in the office.





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US Still Being the Main Chinese LED High Bay Exporting Country

So far, America is still the main Chinese LED Lights exporting country with the highest exporting volume. On one hand, the cost performance ofled high bay products in recent years is constantly improving, and both the popularization speed and demand in American LED Lighting market are increasing fast; on the other hand, the American market is high in market consumption level and thus it is less sensitive for the prices of LED lights products.

It is estimated in the report of US Department of Energy that the total volume of US lighting market will reach 25.1 billion dollars in 2016. As the largest overseas market for Chinese enterprises, the US market is comparable to the European market. Among all the led lamps products imported to America, 70.5% which totals 420 million dollars of them are from China. Two thirds of Americans have consumed LED lighting products.

Since the North American market is less sensitive at prices, it also allows for more revenue. At the same time, the higher the profit is, the more fierce the competition. Since the sales channels are not quite obvious, former market players can still enjoy more profit from traditional channels.




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Chinese LED High Bay Exported to North America


From the global pattern of LED market, we can see that the LED Lightingand LED display production market is the biggest in China and it covers a large proportion in global LED market. Since the domestic market is saturated, Chinese LED Lights enterprises have to “go out” to enlarge global market so that they can find new growth pole and revenue points in industry development. The North America and Europe are still the main export places for Chinese led high bay products in current overseas market. With the enlargement of demand in new emerging market and under the promotion of “One Belt One Road” policy, domestic LED high bay enterprises are actively strengthening their operation in brand localization to further achieve the transformation from “manufactured in China” to “created in China”.

The statistics show that the total export volume of LED lighting products in China from January to April in 2016 was 5.764 billion yuan, with a year-on-year decrease of 8.54%. The first three exporting countries are respectively America, Germany and Britain. America shares the largest part of Chinese led lamps products export volume, others are respectively Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania.





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The Guidance for LED Lighting in the 13th Five Year Plan

Recently, in order to implement the layout of 13th Five Year Plan and Made in China 2025, the Department of National Industry and Information has published the Light Industry Development Plan to guide the way for light industry innovation and development in the coming five years. As one of the light industry, what’s the guidance meaning for LED Lighting and appliances industry?

As one of the key part in green and transformation industry, led lampsand appliances industry is playing an important part in clean production, green transformation. The plan has stipulated the key industries clean production implementation plan for batteries, LED Lights and appliances.

The plan has stipulated key industry technical transformation projects which includes led high bay new material application and improvement on intelligent lighting system. The mechanics improving projects include LED tube light automation and LED panel light automation equipment. It can be forecasted that the intelligent lighting might become an important polar and an important opportunity for lighting enterprises.





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The Chinese Mi Intelligent LED Table Lamps


The Mi intelligent LED Lighting table lamps is simple in shape. With a white color design that can match all, this lamp can be seen as a decoration even if not using it. The lamp is slim in appearance with the cylinder lamp holder, and the lamp holder is the same length as the lamp part.

The LED table lamp can be controlled through mobile App. It requires the mobile phone and the table lamp together in a same Wi-Fi environment to be connected. In the App you can turn on and off and control the color temperature and brightness of the lamps. There are four modes you can set for the led lamps, including concentration mode, reading mode, computer mode and children mode.

All the modes in the App are for reference. Manual control of brightness and color temperature is more direct for you to choose which lighting environment is more comfortable and suitable.

For female the appearance of the table lamps is always the first choice, then comes after the function. This intelligent LED table lamp is recommended, both for its easily controllable color temperature and reasonable price.



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Hangzhou Metro Line 2 LED Lights for Lighting and Decoration

With the development of subway LED Lighting application, the standards for subways is also getting higher. It has extended from the basic comfortable and reliable standard to the level of scenic, appearance design and decoration. In the Hangzhou Subway project, LED Lights are used to represent the beautiful scenes of West Lake; In Shenzhen Metro, LED strip lights are used to create the light art combining dynamic and static scenes. The goal is to improve the lighting experience in the environment through technology. This human-oriented goal is not only the pursuit on led tunnel light, but also the pursuit for all LED lighting products.

led lamps have incomparable advantages over traditional lamps in the aspects of energy-saving, stability, durability and smart control. The anti-knock character of LED tunnel light is very suitable for subway operation environment. However in current subway network, most lights are traditional type and only a few lines are using LED lighting. The market potential for LED tunnel light in subway is huge.

Adhering the corporate mission of “light up a green world”, the LED lights enterprises will create a more comfortable lighting environment for subway transportation.




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Stability and Reliability is the most important performance for engineering LED products. Without reliability, no matter how many functions it has or how high the technical standards are, it is useless for the product.

In order to guarantee the reliability, the light sources of led tunnel light are original imported chips which are of high light efficiency, long life span, good stability and high reliability. The lamp housing is equipped with quality LED Lighting sink material so that it can be antioxidant, anti-corrosion and anti-electromagnetic interference. In the part of quality control, production and factory acceptance tests are strictly conducted in compliance with national standard to guarantee the safety and reliability of products.

What’s worth mentioning is, the subway lighting is a niche market which has complicated application environment and strict technical standards. Most part of the projects went through several modifications before being accepted.

The LED Lights applied in subway offer not only functional lighting, but also relate many other subjects such as light, machinery, electricity, material, biological health and art design. In order to invent led lampsthat can satisfy lighting demand in subway, investments have been made in the fields of optical design, heat sink, intelligent control and micro-electronics.


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The LED Tunnel Light in China Subway


With more than 50% market share, LED Lighting shares the biggest part in domestic subway system with the most complete product range. LED garage light is leading subway lighting due to the accumulation in LED lighting field.

The first application of led tunnel light developed by LED lighting company was a big hit. The Jiangxi highway was listed as a demonstration project in energy saving and emission reduction by Ministry of Communications. The project has been running for nearly ten years and is still remaining stable and reliable. Since then LED tunnel lights are widely used in more than 500 tunnels in 20 provinces in China. With no failure, LED tunnel light has become a good example in LED lighting application.

The LED tunnel lights entered subway LED lighting with rich former experience in transportation. In 2010, Sansi led lamps was applied for lighting in Shenzhen Metro Line 2. Without obvious decay and zero failure in light source, the led tunnel light has made a record in the past 6 years. The Shenzhen Metro Line 2 is the first in China and in the world to apply LED Lights only in metro lines. It was awarded with the Great Chinese LED Lights Application Project Award, the highest award in the industry. It has set a good example for the future Subway LED lighting market.


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LED High Bay Sellers in Chinese Amazon Website

The nine big overseas sites in Amazon “Global Store” business are now open to Chinese sellers in 2015. Chinese sellers can sell products to 285 million active subscribe users in Amazon. This is a huge market, how can we LED Lights market not grasp the great opportunity?

Some young talents in e-commerce told me that the wild growth period for domestic e-commerce has passed away. The next focuses could be brand, pattern and prices. So how can we stand out conspicuously? Can cross-board e-commerce be a turning point and B2C a beautiful view for LED Lightingenterprises? Overseas manufacturers are now playing in the stage of Jack Ma’s website Tianmao, so can domestic manufacturers also reach out to Amazon?

Amazon launched the “Global Store” Chinese website on November, 2015. The Chinese version website can remove language obstacles for manufacturers and make it more convenient for them to open global exporting stores. In the future, our led lamps sellers can utilize the global logistic service and the 123 operation international centers built up by Amazon.

We all know that we can make our own domestic led high bay lightingbrands and also “intelligent products”, but we are lacking international famous brands and channels.




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The Latest Foreign Trade Import and Export Data of LED Lamps


The foreign trade import and export data published by General Administration of Customs in July 13th shows that the total import and export volume of goods trade in China in the first half of 2016 reached 11.13 trillion yuan, which decreased 3.3% on year-on-year basis. The export volume has reached 6.4 trillion yuan, 2.1% decreased year-on-year; the import volume is 4.73 trillion yuan, 4.7% decreased year-on-year; the trade surplus is 1.67 trillion yuan with a year-on-year increase of 5.9%.

In the first quarter of this year, the import and export volume all decreased. The second quarter has seen a year-on-year increase of respectively 0.1% and 1.2% for import and export.

The General Administration of Customs news spokesman said the world economy is in weak recovery and the global trade continues to shrink in this year. The import and export of goods trade in our country is faced with a global downturn. Looking back to LED Lighting industry, the national LED Lights key products export volume has reached 20.221 billion in the first half of 2016. Only some types of led lamps and light fixtures, LED color monitors and led high bay accessories material have seen increase, other led products have all decreased in certain degree.


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LED Outdoor Lighting Industry Shall Improve the Whole System

The whole LED Lighting industry is not willing to improve and complete the outdoor lighting application system like the communication industry does.

The LED Lights industry has been used to leave the problems of SPD to drivers companies; while due to the considerations of saving cost, some driver companies even started to produce SPD by themselves. Having no idea what standards and experiments are needed in the lightning protection industry, how dare them make SPDs without any safety guarantee? So far many led lamps manufacturers in LED lighting industry are still asking me, why I make it sound so wrong when everyone is doing it.

LED outdoor light fixtures enterprises and Huawei Technology are both the terminal suppliers. There is no need to mention how great Huawei is in communication industry. So far, the lightning protection technology standard is the best standard I’ve seen, and it’s even superior to these in Japan, US and Germany.

The signal and surge protection devices in lightning protection industry are the products that can really make money and reach large amount orders. Being working in the LED lighting industry for three years, it is clear that the market pattern of domestic outdoor lighting has been set.




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Does LED Outdoor Lighting Have Lightning Protection

For LED street light lightning protection, my opinion is that the industry is aware of it, but the job is not done well. The LED outdoor lighting is not well protected from lightning, but the industry resist us lightning industry on mentioning it. So why the qualified SPD is not made yet in LED Lighting industry?

The first reason is the whole LED lightning industry lacks the knowledge of lightning protection.

For outdoor LED Lights drivers, the lightning protection function is an important factor in its performance. The lightning protection can be divided into outside and inside protection. Common outdoor lighting fixtures don’t need inside protection since there is no interior circuit. While for LED lighting industry, a driver is needed. So when led lampsare applied in outdoor area, both outside and inside (SPD) is needed for terminal protection.

At current stage, neither lighting industry nor LED industry is professional in lightning protection. However it costs too much if the lightning protection standard is used in outdoor LED lighting industry.




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What Kind of LED Lights Does Your Home Need?

The market is now flooded with LEDs. LED Lights have almost become necessity for light buyers. Under the bragging of sellers and the cutting prices of led high bay, users all buy it that only LED is energy-saving. The uniform lamps distribution method is deep-rooted in consumers.

The plane lighting system, cheap led lamps, incorrect LED Lighting method and less rigorous light distribution in normal household can be seen everywhere. Thank God your house can never light up.

I used to think the light at home is not important. But when I’m playing with son or chasing after the “sunlight” with my wife at home, I realize the light is important.

However the light at home is not truly what I want yet.

So what is the light that I need at home? To me it shall be a comforting light, a light that is comfortable, quiet and clean, and also, the bits and pieces of moonlight sprinkling at the window.

Have you ever wondered, what type of light do you need at home?







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